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Florence and Bill SchneiderFLORENCE SCHNEIDER

Florence Schneider was a legendary member of the Ashland Branch who was a generous citizen of the Ashland community. The Schneider Museum of Art was made possible by a gift from Florence and her husband, Bill. Florence received her PhD from Bryn Mawr and was a lifetime member of AAUW. She was an active recruiter and mentor for new members, pushing them to take on leadership roles and to extend themselves beyond what seemed comfortable. She passionately believed that AAUW should be an important part of every educated woman’s life.The Ashland Branch established the Florence Schneider Award in 2000 after her death in 1999. NYT obituary The Award is given to a member in recognition of leadership and outstanding long service to the Branch and the community. A committee of past recipients annually selects a member who exemplifies the values that Florence personified:

  • Longstanding service to and loyal member of AAUW
  • Commitment to AAUW’s goals of lifelong education, equity for women and girls, and positive societal change
  • Serving as a strong mentor for strong women
  • Sharing personal talents in a thoughtful and deliberate manner.

Catherine Lutes was honored at the April branch meeting with the Florence Schneider Award.








Pam Shay and Catherine Lutes

Florence Schneider was a long-time dedicated member of Ashland AAUW. She was known as an active recruiter and mentor for new members. A committee of past recipients annually selects a member of the branch who exemplifies the values that Florence personified. Besides a certificate of recognition, the awardee receives membership to the Florence Schneider Museum at SOU, Ashland.

Catherine has held the following branch offices since she joined the branch: Hospitality Chair, Membership Chair, and President for three years. (Catherine was Co-president with Paula Wiiken, served singularly for one year and is now currently Co-president with Regina Ayers.)

During the pandemic, Catherine was dedicated to leading our branch through the challenges it put in our path. She faithfully conducted outstanding meetings with interesting speakers via Zoom. Largely because Catherine encouraged us to be a welcoming presence in the community and shared Regina’s goal of making the excellent work of AAUW more visible, we are one of the few State branches that has grown since the start of Covid. Catherine remains an avid vocal supporter of our excellent branch programs and public forums. Currently, Catherine is the Oregon State Membership Vice President, and she will serve the State as President Elect in the coming year.

Catherine clearly exemplifies the values of Florence Schneider’s life, commitment to positive changes to society and equity for women and girls. AAUW Ashland is so fortunate to have Catherine among our members and we all congratulate her on this well-deserved award.

Florence Schneider Award Recipients


Named Honorees are named each April by the AAUW Ashland Board in recognition of meritorious service to the branch during that AAUW year. The Named Honoree program is administered by Oregon State AAUW. Each branch is entitled to one Named Honoree for every $500 contributed by the branch and all its members.

Named Honorees 2023

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Public Policy Committee, Lisa Verner, Chair: City Council, January Branch Panel, Childcare Study
Susan Hollandsworth: Membership
Susan Schaefer: Dues and Donations
Elaine Sweet: Scholarships
Alice Mallory: Facebook
Catherine Lutes: President
Gail Engblom: Communications

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