AAUW Ashland dues are $80 a year, of which the Branch keeps $15. Because $15 per person (about $2,000) does not cover the cost of what we do—our scholarships and projects, meetings, and other expenses—we have five fundraising events.

Our fundraisers have different purposes—here they are and where the money goes that we receive from them.

Scholarship Drive

Each February, the Branch asks members to make donations to the SOU Foundation and/or the RCC Foundation and/or our AAUW SOU Endowment. The proceeds from this scholarship drive all go to fund scholarships for SOU and RCC women.


Upscale Sale

AAUW Ashland members are holding an upscale yard sale at the Bellview Grange May 18-19, 2019.  Some of the profits will go to our operating budget, but most will benefit scholarships.

Please check your cupboards and closets for quality items and start a box! Donations are tax deductible.

Chairs for this event are Bessie Azari and Paula Wiiken


Two or three times a year, Salons highlight one of our members. Admission fees to Salons are all donated to AAUW Funds, which include National AAUW projects such as legal case support for women battling discrimination, research studies documenting equity issues, fellowships and grants, $tart $mart salary negotiation workshops, and many more.


Our Women in Need project sells donated books and collects donations for the Dunn House Shelter for abused women in Jackson County. In previous years, we have replaced all of Dunn House’s bedding and replaced its small kitchen equipment.

escrip Shopping

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