Support AAUW Ashland Scholarship Funds

Our scholarship funds help women in our community reach their educational and life goals by attending Southern Oregon University (SOU) or Rogue Community College (RCC). AAUW Ashland has established two funds at each institution; SOU Annual Fund or SOU Endowment Fund and the RCC Annual Fund or RCC Endowment Fund. Gifts to the Annual Fund are distributed within a given year and gifts to the endowment funds are added to a managed fund that grows in perpetuity – only the interest earned is dispersed annually. If you would like to contribute please make your check payable to SOU or RCC Foundation and on the memo line note either Annual or Endowment Fund. Please DO NOT make your check payable to AAUW!

The Platinum Society AAUW Ashland honors a contribution or bequest of $10,000 or more which gives you a way to remember AAUW through your will, annuity, trust or IRA. Our current Platinum donors are: Jean Conger, Chris Donchin, Suzanne Duncan, Victoria Giffin, Elaine and Wayne Hamlin, Margaret Humphrey, Katharine and Ron Lang, Peggy Moore, Diane Novak, Judy Lin Shih, Elaine and Richard Sweet, Sylvia and Keith Whitman, Kate and Jim Wolf-Pizor, Esther Stone, and Paula Wiiken. Please consider joining this distinguished group!


Katharine and Ron Lang have generously offered to match, on a one-to-one basis, all new donations of cash and/or securities made to the AAUW Ashland endowed scholarship funds at RCC and SOU . . . up to $50,000 total! This means we could potentially add $100,000 to these scholarship funds!

How will the Lang Match work?

The clock starts in January 2020 and ends in January 2022. All new cash or securities gifts made during this two-year time period will be matched, doubling the impact of your gift!

You may designate your gift to go to SOU or RCC or split it between the two. Katharine and Ron Lang hope that each school’s fund will receive a total of $25,000 in gifts to be matched. If, however, the gifts to one school total more or less than $25,000, those gifts will still be generously matched one-to-one, up to a grand total of $50,000. Donations include check, stock transfers, and distributions from retirement accounts. Checks are made payable to SOU Foundation or RCC Foundation, designating AAUW endowment fund.

Why give?

The interest monies earned from these two endowment funds annually enables the AAUW Branch to give scholarships to local women to pursue higher education at both SOU and RCC. Why give now? Because every dollar you donate during this challenge will have double the impact!

“We want to inspire our members to get involved in a grant that would further benefit women scholars at SOU and RCC by growing the endowment funds that will provide scholarships in perpetuity. We are passionate about supporting bright, focused, ambitious women scholars. To have the opportunity to do more for them in our community is exciting!”



All scholarship gifts are made through the tax-exempt foundations of Southern Oregon University and Rogue Community College, respectively. Please make your check payable (tax deductible if you itemize) to either the SOU Foundation or the RCC Foundation, and indicate on the memo line of your check if you wish the funds to be allocated to the Annual Fund or the Endowment Fund.

SOU Foundation Tax ID: 23-7030910

RCC Foundation Tax ID: 93-0777701

Mail contributions to:

AAUW Ashland
2305 Ashland St. Suite 406
Ashland, OR 97520

Gifts of Stock or IRA Charitable Contributions

For donations of stock or IRA charitable contributions, please contact your financial advisor. If you are over 70 1/2 years of age, charitable gifts given directly from your IRA can be deducted from the taxable amount of your Required Minimum Distribution.


You can make sure that your legacy lives on by arranging  for a gift to AAUW Ashland Endowment Funds at RCC or SOU through your will or trust. Please consult with your legal advisor to learn how to contribute in this way..  For your convenience, here are links to bequest forms for the RCC and SOU Foundations.

RCC Foundation Bequest July, 2017

SOU Bequest Letter.pdf 2020

Thank you for your generosity! For more information, contact any member of the Endowment Committee or any Board Member.