Join AAUW Ashland Branch


We welcome new members! Come join our more than 150 interesting and involved women who believe strongly in AAUW’s mission. If you’d like to join or learn more about our Branch, please contact our Membership Chair, Susan Jain.

Please download the  New Member Form 23-24 Print and complete the form and send it along with your check, to: AAUW Ashland, 2305 Ashland Street, #104-406, Ashland OR 97520


Memberships generally expire on 6/30 so it’s important to renew your membership as soon as possible.

New Online Renewing 

Renewing memberships online is a new process for our Branch (Ashland OR 97520.)
Here are the steps:

    1. Click “Log In” Button located in the top right corner of the page.
    2. On the “Welcome” page either:
      1. Log in if you already have an account
      2. To log in for the first time or if you forgot your password:
        click on red statement “Forgot your password”
  • Personal Snapshot Page: review personal summary, scroll down to the Blue Renew Button and click on it, which will bring you to:
  • Membership Management: update personal information if needed; click on Blue Next Button
  • Degree Info: keep clicking Blue Next Button to finish that section.
  • Membership Type: select Lifetime or National, then click Blue Next Button.
  • State and Branch: select Ashland, then click State and scroll down to select Oregon and then click the Next Button.
  • Greatest Needs Donation: select Yes or No; click Next Button.
  • Check Out: Add credit card information and complete.


You can also use the Membership Renewal Form 23-24. Please print and complete the form and send it along with your check to: AAUW Ashland, 2305 Ashland Street, #104-406, Ashland OR 97520


Please take some time to complete the Interest Survey. It’s been revised to help us better prepare for the upcoming year. By filling out the Interest survey you will help us learn more about you and what aspects of AAUW you’re interested in.  Interest Survey

Membership Chair: Susan Jain