AAUW Ashland Branch Leadership for 2022-2023

The AAUW Ashland Branch Board is comprised of elected officers and committee chairs.

AAUW Ashland Branch Board
Co-Presidents:  Catherine Lutes & Regina Ayars
Financial Officer:  Jean Conger
Dues Treasurer:  Susan Schaefer
Recording Secretary:  Christine Fernlund
Parliamentarian:  Sandra Coyner
Members-at-Large:  Mary Coombs & Catherine Greenspan

Membership Chair:  Susan Hollandsworth
Communication Chair:  Gail Engblom
Program Chair:
Mimi Pippel
Fundraising Chair: 
Bessie Azari
Public Policy Chairs:
 Lisa Verner
Strategic Planning Chair: 
Sandra Coyner

Membership Team
Welcoming: Mary CoombsDirectory: Chris Licata
Contact Secretary:
Linda Moreland                Hospitality: Shirley Malcolm

Communications Team
Website Coordinator: Chris Licata
Newsletter Editors:  Elaine Sweet, Gail Engblom & Penny Little
Social Media: Alice Mallory
Newsletter Design: Chris Licata
Photographer: Rotating
Chamber Liaison: Donna Wright

Celebration of Scholars: TBA
Interest Groups: Peggy Audibert

Friendship Circles:
Elaine Sweet
Holiday Party:

AAUW Funds: Bessie Azari
Jean Conger
Upscale Sale:
Bessie Azari & Pam Shay

South District Chair: Pam Shay

Scholarships: Kate Wolf-Pizor & Wanda Chin