Celebration of Scholars


Each year (for the past 20 years) we are proud to celebrate the dedication, achievements, and exciting potential of local women scholars.

Support of higher education for women is one of the top priorities of AAUW.  Education helps women and girls to break through barriers; it is key to our pursuit of equity in legislation, the workplace, government and community leadership; it emposers us all for a fair chance of life’s playing field.

AAUW-Ashland Branch is therefore committed to honoring and supporting the success of top Women scholars in our local community.  Our Scholarship Committee reviews dozens of applications from women students at Southern Oregon Univeristy (SOU) and Rogue Community College (RCC) and selects the recipients based on a combination of factors including grade point average, financial need, and service to the community and/or to her school.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating these deserving and inspiring women.  They have reinforced our belief that when women support the goals, success, and dreams of other women, we put into motion an unstoppable, positive force that benefits the community we share.

Wanda Chin & Saundra Theis

Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

L1110854SOU Recipients:  Sydney Lund, Daisy Proksch,  Peyton Moore,  Lauren Aldana,  Katie Boehnlein

L1110856SOU Recipients & Sponsors, from left:Suzanne Hering, Sydney Lund,   Priscilla Arnold, Daisy Proksch    Sandy Theis, Peyton Moore    Sunny Anderson, Lauren Aldana    Katie Boehnlein, Carol Mockridge

L1110850RCC Recipients, from left: Janalee Swain, Michelle (Nabha) Goldfeder, Theresa (Trayce) Jensen, Jocksana Cortona.

L1110852RCC recipients w/ Sponsors: (#L1110852, 0853), from left: Rae Otto, Michelle (Nabha) Goldfelder,   Katharine Lang, Janalee Swain,    Elaine Hamlin, Theresa Jensen,    Jocksana Corona, Karen Wilson


Keynote Speaker Rebecca Bender is a nationally recognized Survivor Leader in the efforts to eradicate modern day slavery.  After escaping sex trafficking in 2007, Rebecca wrote her first book, “Roadmap to Redemption”.


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A special thank you to Joan Thorndike – owner of Le Mera Gardens at 8657 Wagner Creed Road in Talent, for donating beautiful flower arrangements to this event!