AAUW Ashland Scholarship Awards are one of the premier efforts of this branch. We recognize that scholarships are a priority to advance educational opportunities for women enrolled at college or university. The AAUW 2012 report of the student debt crisis in US higher education shows clearly how AAUW Ashland’s commitment toward scholarships can have long standing empowerment for women.

Our Scholarship Committee works with the SOU Foundation and Rogue Community College. The University and College administer and forward eligible applicants. The AAUW Scholarship Committee reviews the applications; selects and interviews finalists; and makes final awards.

Financial amounts to be awarded are determined by the available AAUW donations and our funds at the two foundations. Scholarships are awarded and recognized at the Celebration of Scholars, scheduled in May and located in Ashland.

Join the AAUW Ashland Scholarship Committee to participate in the advocacy, fundraising, and selection process. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Chair Wanda Chin or Co-Chair Kate Wolf-Pizor.

Donate to the AAUW Scholarship Funds.

Criteria for applicants to the AAUW Ashland Scholarships.

AAUW Ashland Scholarship Committee Responsibilities

Join the Scholarship Committee and help to the advance women in education with your service on the scholarship committee. As a Scholarship Committee Member you review applications to select and interview finalists for scholarship awards to Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University. Then meet and interview our finalists to hear about their inspiring stories, studies and leadership to their school, communities or work.

As a Scholarship Committee member, advocate for the scholarship; and participate in the Celebration of Scholars to introduce and recognize our award recipients!

Donate to the AAUW Ashland Scholarship Funds

AAUW Ashland contributes to award annual scholarship funds at

Rogue Community College, and undergraduate and graduate awards for Southern Oregon University. The branch is also building our Scholarship Endowment where a $15,000 match is being offered. For every dollar we raise, it will be matched up to $15,000.

Together, our members demonstrate strength in numbers. Members donate according to their own ability and our combined efforts provide significant financial support to our applicants. The students and we appreciate any contribution you make to empower the next generation!

If you are interested in becoming a partner with AAUW Ashland in funding scholarship awards, let us know. Contact Wanda Chin at

To donate, please mail in a check(s). Separate checks need to be made to the SOU Foundations or RCC Foundation.

Write on the memo line: AAUW Ashland Scholarship; make out your check to:

Mail check/s to AAUW Ashland

2305 Ashland St. Suite 406

Ashland, OR 97520

Criteria for AAUW Ashland Scholarships

SOU Scholarship

RCC Scholarship

Celebration of Scholars

In May of each year, AAUW Ashland honors the recent scholarship recipients. A program consists of presenting awards to the recipients, having a guest speaker and serving refreshments. The scholarship recipients feel that this is one of the few times that they are made to feel special and singled out for the hard work that they have put into their education.

Award Recipients

2015 Award Recipients

SOU Graduate Scholars

Elaine Bianchi
Caroline Burdick
Alexandra Harding

SOU Undergraduate Scholars

Adriana Alexander
Christina Patton-Cattolico

RCC Scholars

Julie Graham
Dawn Metcalf
Janelle Scholfield