Membership Basics 101

What We Do
     We would like every leader to know what AAUW does as an organization. Our website has a great, reader-friendly page about AAUW to answer that and other questions.

Who Can Join

  • Regular membership is open to anyone with an associate or equivalent (e.g. RN) degree or higher.
  • Student affiliation is open to students enrolled in a college or university as an undergraduate. They can participate in AAUW and their state and branch, but they cannot vote or hold office. Associate degree holders continuing their education can join as student affiliates through graduation.
  • College/university partner membership is open to institutions committed to fostering educational equity and growth opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. Invite them to engage in program initiatives, including AAUW campus leadership programs.
  • Free e-student affiliation is open to every undergraduate student at C/U partner schools. E-students can join AAUW at no cost and hone important life and career skills through our leadership programs and other resources.

What is the cost?

  • Basic membership dues are $100 per year. Of this, $49 goes to AAUW National, $16 goes to AAUW Oregon, and $35 goes to AAUW Ashland.
  • AAUW National, AAUW Oregon, and AAUW Ashland are all 501c3 non-profit organizations.The tax-deductible portion of your $100 is $94; the remaining $6 is allocated to national public policy efforts.
  • For IRS-related issues, refer to the IRS website for charities and nonprofits ( or call the IRS nonprofit office at 877.829.5500.

Membership Application Form