Garden Tour

All Good Things Must Come To An End
As our friend William Shakespeare would say
All’s Well That Ends Well

Last Year in 2015 we had our the 20th AAUW Ashland Spring Garden Tour and our last annual Garden Tour (at least for now).  We would like to thank the many garden owners who have allowed us to feature their gardens every spring.  We certainly felt fortunate to tour the beautiful and varied gardens of Ashland.

This major fund-raising event could not have been possible without the help of all the many AAUW Ashland members that volunteered every year.  They helped with garden selection, signage within the gardens, individual coordinators for each garden, tickets sales, publicity, music, photography, refreshments, greeters, print materials, traffic and directional signage and every other little thing that always came up.  A big Thank You to the women who chaired this event every year.  It was a tremendous amount of work.

We would also like to thank the City of Ashland and their various committees that endorsed our tour each year and allowed us to put up a banner across to promote our event.  We were endorsed by the Conservation, Firewise and Parks and Recreation comissions.

Thank you to the landscape businesses that we have featured in gardens over the years and helped up promote by purchasing ads in our program.  Thank you to the Ashland Chamber of Commerce for their efforts in helping us to make our event a success each year.

Last of all we would like to thank the many visitors who attended our tours each year.  You were all lovely people and we appreciate your contributions to our worthy organization.  We will look forward to seeing you in our future fund-raising endeavors!

Thank you,

Mimi Pippel – Co President and Garden Tour Chair